Tormund poses with the VEEP, and other Game of Thrones celebrity news

It’s time once again to check in on our favorite Game of Thrones cast members. What are they doing when they’re not uniting to save Westeros from zombies and/or stubbornly refusing to believe the threat is real?

First up, Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane) is starring alongside another HBO vet, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (VEEP) in Downhill, a comedy-drama about a family on a skiing trip. Naturally, the two posed for a pic:

I can’t decide which I’d like to see more: Tormund on VEEP or Selina Meyer on Game of Thrones.

Next up, Aquaman, the Warner Bros. movie starring Jason Momoa as the king of the seas, has been really really really successful:

In fact, with $1.09 billion at the worldwide box office, Aquaman is officially the highest grossing film in the DC Extended Universe. Actually, it’s the highest-grossing DC film ever. Its closest competitor, The Dark Knight, raked in $1.08 billion, Wonder Woman brought in $821 million, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice snagged $873.6 million.

With Momoa enjoying life at the top of the DCEU, he’s got to be considered the most successful former Game of Thrones star yet. Your move, Kit Harington.

Speaking of Harington, if you’re looking for some validation in your life, try recording yourself watching Game of Thrones, because apparently Jon Snow himself watches fan reaction videos. Let george3110 of Instagram tell the story:

“Oh shit man yeah, you’re the one [who’s] obsessed with Emilia right?” Jon Snow hangs out on Reddit, we knew it.

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