Tom Brady Goes Crazy Over New Aston Martin, I Need A Bigger Garage!

Tom Brady

Goes Crazy Over New Aston Martin

… I Need A Bigger Garage!

3/6/2019 2:12 PM PST

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Seems things are ALL GOOD between Tom Brady and Aston Martin — with the QB praising the hell out of the insane new whip they just debuted … without one single mention of Rolls Royce! 

Remember, TB12 was spotted behind the wheel of a RR just a few ago — despite the fact he’s got a big endorsement deal with rival luxury car brand Aston Martin. Oops. 

But it seems Tom’s over Rolls … and back on his Aston kick — especially after seeing the new concept car the brand just rolled out at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

“Team @AstonMartinLagonda stole the show in Geneva,” Brady wrote … “I’m gonna need a bigger garage…”

We’re pretty sure this was an olive branch … but it’s clear it was an easy one for Brady to throw out.

The concept car — dubbed the AM-RB 003 — is insane … reportedly it’s a carbon fiber beast BUILT for speed.

We know what you’re thinkin’ … but you can’t have one — they’re reportedly being produced in VERY limited quantity — and almost certainly reserved for ultra-rich and famous people … like Tom Brady.

Which ultimately proves yet again … dude just can’t lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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