If You Think The Bachelor Is Dramatic, Wait Until You See This Fight From the UK Version

The Bachelor UK returned after nearly seven years and the reality show wasted no time in generating headlines.

The series, hosted by Mark Wright and starring Alex Marks as the titular Bachelor, premiered March 4 after a lengthy hiatus and the contestants? Well, the contestants were ready for anything. Including a fistfight. If you thought the ladies of ABC’s The Bachelor could be rough, think again.

Things got off to a rocky start when Alex and contestant Claudia stole a lengthy moment. Alicia pulled the trademark move and asked to borrow Alex so she could get her own time with him. The other ladies were surprised at the bold move. She said she asked permission and Claudia said it was fine. “I was angry,” Claudia said.

“I don’t regret it at all,” Alicia said about stealing Alex. Then Claudia stole Alex back.

Back with the other ladies, Alicia got into it with, well, just about everybody. Necks were grabbed, drinks were spilled, hair went flying. As one contestant said, “something out of World War III.”

Alex and has manbun tried to defuse the situation and get to the bottom of the situation. “What just happened?” he kept asking in the confessional. “Trying to gather information as its going on is just a nightmare. I’ve never been in a situation like this before in my life.”

See the whole thing on YouTube.

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