HBO is teasing us about spoilers and it’s confusing and how dare they

We’re less than two months out from the final season of Game of Thrones, and while we’ve had plenty of cast interviews and on-set photos and even a few teaser trailers, thus far HBO has been pretty successful at preventing any large scale leaks. Remember this time in 2017, when pretty much the entire plotline for season 7 leaked ahead of time? There’s been nothing like that this time.

And apparently, HBO is proud of it…or maybe they’re trying to tell us something, I dunno. The network tweeted this today and I don’t know what it means:

UPDATE: HBO deleted the tweet, but the internet is forever, so:

Is the network saying we already know how season 8 ends and we just don’t want to say? Lord knows we’ve spent enough time speculating and sniffing around the set. What did we get right? Or is this HBO’s way of trolling the fans who want to get their hands on spoilers but can’t because security has been too tight this year? And what’s the deal with the teacup? WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THE TEACUP?

The reaction to the tweet has been swift and uniform:

Or, if you’re bryndenbfish, proprietor of Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire, you have a different perspective:

You know, part of me would really respect HBO if it decided to straight-up not release a trailer for the final season. Game of Thrones is big enough that it could get away with that, and the actual episodes might be more exciting for it.

And then the other part of me wants a trailer now Now NOW! The fact that I’m even writing about this shows how desperate I am. So stop poking at the wound HBO. I can only take so much before I too start tweeting back at you in all caps.

Announcing WiC Club: the most exclusive club this side of the wall

Announcing WiC Club: the most exclusive club this side of the wall

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