Hannah B. and Demi Reveal Things Almost Turned Violent During The Bachelor: Women Tell All

Hannah B. and Demi Burnett are revealing that things almost got ugly during the taping for The Bachelor: Women Tell All.

For those who have not yet watched the juicy episode, (spoiler alert!) Demi and Courtney get into a heated argument over their contentious interactions throughout the season. While Demi keeps the fight limited to a conversation, things almost turned violent when Courtney stormed up to her with a pacifier in hand before shoving it in Demi’s face.

Somehow, through it all, the petite blonde managed to keep her cool, but in a post-taping interview she told E! News that she was so close to throwing hands. “I wanted to start swinging but then I remember this was not Jerry Springer,” the star shared. “I have to keep my hands down and relax.”

Luckily for her, Hannah B. was ready to step in if need be. Miss Alabama said, “I wanted to see how Demi reacted cause I knew I had to have my girls back, so if she was about to go crazy I knew I’d have to like start taking off the jewelry and back her up.” But, as she put it, the pageant queen kept Hannah Beast in her back pocket.

Overall, the general consensus appears to be that Courtney’s actions were way out of line and just silly. “She took that many months to come up with that. Shove a pacifier in my mouth? Ok,” Demi retorted. 

As for Hannah B.’s thoughts on the matter: “Not cool.”

It’s fair to say that Demi handled herself well in the face of confrontation. Even Hannah B. admitted that Demi’s self-control was impressive. She joked, “I don’t know if I would’ve handled myself that well.”

And Courtney can rest assured that the encounter is in the past since Demi has no plans to press charges. She told the cameras, “That would take up too much of my time.”

The two-night finale airs next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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