Get the Margs Ready: These Ladies From Colton’s Season Are (Probably) Heading to Bachelor in Paradise

Spoiler alert: Expect to see a lot of women from Colton Underwood‘s season on the beach this summer.

As any true Bachelor Nation viewer knows, the bi-annual Tell All specials often serve as an unofficial audition of sorts for Bachelor in Paradise, and The Bachelor‘s special on Tuesday night proved that the ABC hit franchise’s producers have an embarrassment of riches in terms of casting for the spinoff’s upcoming sixth season. 

“I’d be fine if all 20 of those girls that were there showed up,” Chris Harrison told E! News after the Women Tell All taping, after handling all of the conflicts and intense confrontations (That pacifier moment!) the night provided.

“I will say this, and it’s not disparaging toward any of the other girls, I just think this was a really good group, a really dynamic group,” he continued. “I thought they were powerful women, vulnerable, independent, yeah, there was some fights and all that, but overall, I think it was a top-notch group of women, which it what made it so good.”

High praise from a man who has hosted close to 40 seasons of the franchise, not even counting Bachelor Pad or Paradise. 

Given all the feuds, and tears that went down during the Tell All, a lot of the ladies from Colton’s season are definitely looking ahead to another shot at finding love this summer, including fan-favorites like Caelynn and Kirpa

But you might be surprised by who isn’t sure they’d want to hit Mexico, even though Chris Harrison called her his “spirit animal.” 

We chatted with some of the ladies from Colton’s season at the Women Tell All taping and at the live taping of Ben and Ashley I.’s Almost Famous podcast at Planet Blue in Malibu on March 4 to find out who’s probably heading to Bachelor in Paradise and which guys from Bachelor Nation they are hoping to see on the beach…


Consider this Chris Harrison’s No. 1 draft pick for season six.

“If you’d ever put a tattoo of Paradise on someone, I think Demi is wearing that tattoo,” he told us. “She’s my spirit animal and I need her in Paradise. Have you ever met anybody more perfect for Paradise?”

The only problem? Demi, the 23-year-old who quickly became the breakout contestant of Colton’s season thanks to her one-liners, aggressive pursuit of the Bach and the fact that her mom was in federal prison, isn’t sure she wants to book a ticket to Mexico. 

“Every day it kind of changes…we’ll see,” she hedged when we asked if she’d be interested.

If she does make it down to the beach (which, let’s be honest, seems very likely), she doesn’t have her eye on any current men in Bachelor Nation, telling us. “Oh no, I’d definitely want an all-new batch. There’s no one I want to see them bring back.”  So basically: thank you, next!

Still, that doesn’t mean former Bachelorette contestants don’t have their eye on the outspoken blonde, as she revealed several guys have tried to slide into her DMS, “But I’m not gonna call ‘em out. I haven’t responded!”

HANNAH B., The Bachelor

ABC/Craig Sjodin

While she’s one of the strongest contenders to be the next Bachelorette, Hannah B. is totally down to unleash the Beast down in Mexico, too. 

“My person’s out there, and I might see them with roses on a beach or it might just be in a coffee shop,” the 24-year-old pageant queen told us. “I’m open to wherever they are, and lord bless ‘em, they gotta deal with the beast and the mess and everything!”

But she made one thing clear: She’s ready for a whole new crop of guys, simply saying, “Nooo” when we asked if there are any past contestants she’d want to see in Paradise

The Bachelor Season 23


Caelynn was blindsided (along with many viewers TBH) when Colton eliminated her after the hometown dates, when she told him she loved him and could see a future together.

The Miss USA 2018 runner-up was an early frontrunner and earned praise (and next Bachelorette support, which she’s still in the running for!) after bravely opening up about being sexual assaulted in college and speaking about the impact it has had on her life and relationships with poise. 

But Caelynn, 23, was also at the center of some drama during the season, thanks to her early clashes with fellow pageant queen Hannah B. and the controversy in the house over whether or not she was gunning to be the next Bachelorette. 

When we talked to Caelynn, she made it clear she’s just looking for love and is open to finding it anywhere.

“I want to find my person. I don’t know what that means, if that’s Paradise, if it’s Tinder, if that’s in a library…I’m determined to find my person,” she said. “I’m open to love, absolutely.” 

As viewers saw during the Women Tell All, Caelynn is still coping with her break-up with Colton, and she admitted to us, “I’m still processing this heartbreak.” What better way to process than with a margarita in hand?

The Bachelor Season 23


One of the four women to leave on their own during Colton’s season, Sydney earned praise for her decision to leave. And the professional dancer is definitely open to heading to Paradise for another chance at love.

“I actually think that would be a better environment for me, just because this was hard. It takes me longer to open up to people, especially in relationships, and The Bachelor is a very short amount of time you get to spend with them so you sort of do it very quickly and that was difficult for me,” she told us. “I know Paradise seems like a longer amount of time, so that seems like a better setting.”

As for any members of Bachelor Nation she wouldn’t mind seeing walk down the steps? Last season’s runner-up is her first choice it seems. 

“I definitely like a fun, outgoing personality, we’ll see who this next batch of guys are,” she said. “I did like Blake [Horstmann] a lot!”

The Bachelor Season 23


Consider if a safe bet that Heather (aka Never Been Kissed turned Has Been kissed) will probably get a second kiss on BIP after choosing to leave Colton’s season on her own terms. 

“I’d definitely be open to it. It’s not as formal and you actually have a ton of time to get to know someone in a really real setting, so I’d be open to it,” the California native told E! News at Planet Blue in Malibu.

And there is one guy she might be interested in getting to know in a more relaxed setting, telling us she has “a crush on Blake.” Get in line, girl. 


The Bachelor Season 23


Known for making noise (both literally and metaphorically) in the house and then accused of being a bully at the Tell All special, Onyeka, 24, seems like a safe bet to return to the small screen this summer. 

“I feel like being on The Bachelor, I was able to open up about being open to spending the rest of my live with someone and really committing in a relationship,” she told us, “and this environment…just not having your phone and putting yourself in this weird environment, I think it was good for me. So I would definitely be open to Paradise…I love margaritas and I love the beach!

And while she’s “ready for some new meat in Bachelor Nation,” she did admit to recently following one of the fan-favorite contestants from Becca’s season recently after he popped up on her Explore page on Instagram. 

“I think Wills is pretty cute!” she said. “I was like, oh yeah, he’s kind of funny actually. So I just hit the follow button and nothing more, but he’s a cute guy.”

The Bachelor, Bri


Will Brie use her fake Aussie accent to try and find love in Mexico? The 24-year-old model is willing to give it a try.

“I’m definitely open to Paradise. I’d love to go,” she told W! News at the Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous live podcast taping at Planet Blue in Malibu. “I’d love to meet more people and get another shot at love!”

If she does get another shot, she is aiming for a pretty well-known guy in Bachelor Nation: Dean Unglert, who was on Bachelor in Paradise season four and The Bachelor Winter Games after first appearing on Rachel Lindsay‘s season.

“I’ve had my eye on Dean for a little bit,” she admitted, “so I’m hoping that maybe he gets the chance to go on Paradise.”

The Bachelor Season 23


After an early exit during Colton’s season, the social worker with two first names is more than ready for BIP. Like, her-bags-are-already-packed ready. 

“I will swim in paradise. I will fall in love in paradise and I will leave with a good tan from Paradise,” she told us at the Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous live podcast taping at Planet Blue in Malibu. “Love, swimming, tanning? Who the heck would say no to Paradise?”

While she didn’t name any specific contestants she’d be interested in meeting, Jane did list some qualities she’s looking for in a partner: “As long as he’s tall, brunette, has facial hair and is a little chunky—not just pure muscle—I’m a little chubby chaser, so if we can put that man together and put him in Paradise, I’ll fall in love with him. It’s no problem!” 

Kirpa Sudick, The Bachelor


After making it to the final six of Colton’s season, the logical and slightly reserved dental hygienist is “open” to heading to Bachelor in Paradise. (Here’s hoping she stays off the rocks to avoid another mysterious chin injury.)

“I think if I was approached, I would do it,” she said at the Almost Famous live podcast taping. “It’s a much more relaxed setting and easier to connect with someone. I’d be open to going.”

She’s also open to getting to know any Bachelorette suitors, telling us, “All of the guys in Bachelor Nation are really cute.” 

Working in Kirpa’s favor when it comes to BIP casting was her willingness to question some of the other women’s motives (namely Caelynn and Cassie, telling Colton that the latter was not ready for an engagement, which you know, she wasn’t wrong…) without getting emotional or aggressive, proving she is willing to spill the tea without getting too messy.

Bachelor in Paradise returns this summer on ABC.

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